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  • Anna

Apple bobbing 1 - Minecraft 0

Updated: May 16, 2019

I have a confession to make: we have a pre-teen in the family (add sound effects of the Shower Scene at Psycho).

He's my nephew and he's only 10, but he already pretends he doesn't know us when we wave to him like a group of cheerleaders in the school playground. So when I organized an old-fashioned Field Day, I expected him to roll his eyes and go back to his Minecraft world. But quite the opposite happened: we played three-legged races, wheelbarrow races, sack races, spoon races, Tug-o-war, Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, the Blind man's bluff game, and of course apple bobbing. At the end of a long and exhilarating afternoon, the adults were panting so pushed the children inside to watch tv. But my Minecraft nephew planted his feet firmly in the ground and convinced everybody to keep playing because he was having too much fun! So here we go. Apple bobbing 1, Minecraft 0.

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