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When We find Ourselves In Times of Trouble...

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

To those who are keen to support their children in their learning at home, the following may help.

To those who are concerned their child might not "keep up", the following may help.

"Key Competencies" are taken directly from the New Zealand Curriculum and are relevant to all levels of the curriculum.

If it helps you to remember them, the acronym is TRUMP!!!

Thinking Skills

Relating to Others

Using Language Symbols and Texts Managing Self

Participating and Contributing.

Worksheets and busy work that the school sets might prevent boredom, while authentic learning opportunities are at your fingertips...our children have the opportunity to learn about critical thinking skills, about social responsibility, problem solving, creativity, about sacrifice, about coping strategies, about courage, about integrity and much more from their first teachers, YOU, their parents and caregivers. Might I suggest you aim for excellence.

Ignore the urge to make your child "great again" and enjoy bringing out the best in your student.

As their teacher, you will learn about the reciprocal nature of learning. That for every lesson the student receives there is a lesson for his/her teacher. Have fun.

  1. Therese is from a large family with three children of her own. Mr 27, Miss 25 and Master 16. As an educator with many years of experience, she has collected plenty of stories, she uses these and family stories to inform her teaching practice.

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