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  • Anna

Making your own geodes

Updated: May 22, 2019

What could be better than owning a bunch of diamonds and Swarovski crystals? You got it, making your own crystals! (not really, but let's play pretend...) We found these instructions to make geodes in a book and we loved that you only need very simple household ingredients: water, Epsom salts, food colouring and the shells of some eggs. As it often happens, we discovered that following the instructions word by word doesn't actually works: if you saturate the water with Epsom salts you get more crystals, if you boil the mixture you get even more crystals. Now, spoiler alert: The crystals don't look at all like Swarovski crystals or even Geodes. But my children loved trying out the different experiments and waking up every morning to see if the crystals were forming. And we all know that for the little ones, taking the food colouring out it's already a PARTY!

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