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Parent-child-teacher interviews

Parent-child-teacher interviews… It's that time of year again. I got, "Could do better" "disappointing results" "easily distracted" "didn't put in his assignment" (Eleven years of reports and parent interviews, No surprises there) AND I got a "he is a pleasure". My Mum used to get “could do better” with my reports. Adults share their “could do betters” decades later, as if to say, "I am actually brainer than I am, I really am…" How do students do better? What if school were a place of positivity and nothing less? How can learning be negative? What is the worst thing that can happen at school? A student gets it wrong? Learning is about finding out that “I got it wrong and I will give it my best shot to find out how to get it right”. THAT IS LEARNING! That is how we do better. Maybe at parent interviews, with students present, we need only to share “He always does his best and when he knows better, he does better.”

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