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The praying mantis is cute

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Six years ago I was terrified of insects and spiders.

But then I became a Mum and I didn’t want to pass any irrational fears on to my little ones so I started pretending I liked them (that’s achieved by jumping up and down with excitement when your kids find a bug while still keeping a safe 400m distance from the mentioned bug).

Six years later, my children are fascinated by these creatures and handle them with respect and confidence.

And something strange is happening to me: I can get relatively close to most insects now and I even find praying mantises ‘cute’.

I always thought that a parent’s job is to teach their children to overcome their fears but life has taught me that it’s the other way around.

#insects #mantis #prayingmantis #kids #kidsfun

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