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  • Anna

To own a pony for a day

Updated: May 22, 2019

As many other 6 year olds, my daughter would love to have a pony (and a dog, a rainbow lorikeet and a leopard gecko).

Of course we're not going to adopt any of these animals any time soon but we decided to let her own a pony for a day, a school holiday activity that is available in Auckland (New Zealand).

She looked after her own pony for the full day, learning how to plait his mane and paint the pony. And of course she had riding lessons and even got to trot with the pony.

It's more expensive than an ordinary day in a school holiday programme but I think it's also more than a holiday programme, like the Junior Keeper programme at the zoos.

Of course my daughter absolutely loved it. Her statement at the end of the day was: "Mom, anything that happened before the ponies is BORING!"

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